about research methodology

This is assignment aims to establish a basic familiarity with fundamental concepts of research
methods including literature review, referencing, research design, data collection, quantitative
research and statistical analysis.
On completion of this assignment, you should be able to understand:
• quantitative research and
• statistical analysis for quantitative research.
Your research task to find out the usage of computers on the ground floor in the UOW library
with one sample t-test and analyse your finding.
Research proposal (10 marks): Your proposal should cover the following aspects:
a. the title,
b. the author of research proposal,
c. the background (if there are any related papers, briefly review them),
d. research problem,
e. objectives or aims,
f. the methodology and procedure of the study,
g. the significance of the problem,
h. expected outcomes and
i. references.
(Note: You need to completely rewrite the research proposal, as it is an entirely different
research from Assignment 1. The length of the proposal should not be less than 1200 words, or
three pages with 12pt fonts and reasonable margin)
Quantitative analysis (35 marks):
Keep in mind that you will adopt a one-sample t-test method in your quantitative analysis.
(1) Data collection (10 marks):
Collect the data from at least 20 observations at different time from the library. For each
observation at a time, you obtain a counting result of the number of computers which have been
occupied during the particular time. Provide a table in the research report to give the counts and
the time the data was collected and give an explanation about how data were collected.
(2) You should follow the following procedure (15 marks):
a. Give a hypothesis, which reflects your research problem;
b. Carry out your t-test with RStudio (provide the entire sample and R scripts in the report);
c. Draw a research conclusion, including an analysis about your finding.

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