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The module is 100% group work with two assessments consisting of:
? 70% Foresight and Strategy Scenarios Presentation
? 30% Peer Feedback
Assignments and Submission . You are required to design future scenarios. For this you will create a multimedia piece such as a video/film/comic-strip/animation that tells stories about future(s) for a selected business sector, product/service, culture, demographic or location.
It is expected that you will go through these following stages:
1. conduct research to identify and evidence the key forces / trends relevant to the area of interest and the relevant drivers that shape the future, based on a good understand of the macro level environment (PEST) and its relevance to the strategy;
2. develop scenarios using foresight cards, with reference to the levels of likelihood and impact to the selected area of interest;
3. use design tools to develop personas/characters;
4. and use stories to make meanings of the scenarios and to visualize how the
characters interacts with the future;
5. prototype your scenario considering multiple user perspectives
6. visualize the future and present your future vision.
You are required to submit the following:
1. A group presentation of the Future Scenario Strategy you have created to include (70%):
a. A 3-minute video visualization of your constructed future scenario by
(8th May 2017)
b. A group presentation (20 minutes) to explain the process and the outcome of the project (including screening of the 3-minute video of the visualised future) (Group 1: 10th May; Group 2: 12th May)
c. A 3000-word report to articulate your experience of doing this project

arguing for the role of design in foresight and strategy. (15th May

2. Completion of a peer assessment (30%). (17th May 2017)
Teaching and Learning Strategy The teaching is aligned with the assignment to be delivered at the end of the module. To support their learning, syllabus of each block has a particular focus:
? macro level drivers’ tools and scenario development (1st week),
? design research to make meanings of scenarios (2nd, 3rd week),
? tools to prototype and visualize the future (4th, 5th weeks),
? and finally, hand-in (6th week).

Follow instructions in file uploaded name: LLP005_Handbook_V2

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