Firearms Act 1968

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A) Dave has just come out of prison after serving three years for robbery offences. He intends to injure Tom who gave evidence against him so he buys a sawn off shot gun.

What offences under the Firearms Act 1968 does he commit?


B) Mike committed a robbery with a knife in September. He has been circulated as wanted in connection with the offence by the police. In December Constable Smith sees Mike in the street and arrests him. He searches Mike and finds a revolver on him.

What offences under the Firearms Act 1968, if any, has Mike committed?


C) Andy is walking along the street with a loaded shot gun. He goes into the Post Office threatens the staff who duly hand over money from the till. He makes off from the scene with the money and the weapon, and runs across land owned by the Duke of Westshire. He is seen by Constable Rimmer who tells him to hand over the weapon. Andy aims the shotgun at Constable Rimmer and fires at him.                                                                                                               

What offences under the Firearms Act 1968 does Andy commit?


The word limit is 2,000 words (+/-10%). This includes quotations.  The word count must be printed on the top right hand corner of your front sheet.




·          You must answer the questions set

·          You must keep to the word limit of 2,000 words

·          You must demonstrate that you have met the learning outcomes

·          As you construct and present your answer, consider the assessment criteria

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