Honicker Corporation

Description ***Portfolio Milestone -Follow all instructions exactly as instructed below:*** Honicker Corporation Section 1: Principle Components Discussion Section 2: Simulation Analysis for Scenario A Section 3: Case Study Analysis based on the Honicker Corporation case study (Kerzner, 2017, pp. 753-755); Go to the Project Management Simulation: Scope, Resources, Schedule V2 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. at Harvard Business Publishing online. Once you have registered, you will be able to view the “Prepare” section to read about the project management process at Delphi Printers and learn how to run the simulation. For this Portfolio Project Milestone, draft the framework of the Portfolio Project paper for Honicker Corporation. This draft must be properly organized with the following key elements:

• Running header with designation of Portfolio Project- Honicker Corporation. • Cover page with designation of Portfolio Project option clearly designated. • Paper title with designation of Portfolio Project option clearly designated. • Introduction to include, as complete as possible, a descriptive overview of the Portfolio Project and a brief preface of the essay paper (three to four paragraphs). • Main body of the essay paper with APA style • Section level-1 headings for Section 1: Principle Components Discussion; • Section 2: Simulation Scenario Analysis; • Section 3: Case Study Analysis. Include APA style section level-2 headings for bullet items or key elements within each main section. For the first three Section 1: Principle Components bullet items, include a substantive, synopsis of each item (three to four paragraphs for each subsection level-2 bullet item): • Project, Program, and Portfolio Management distinction; • Project Selection; and, • Project Charter. Additionally, develop a basic, 2 to 3 page Project Charter template based on the PMBOK® Guide (6th ed.) that could be used for small-to-medium projects in a global organization. Include your Project Charter template as an appendix in your paper. • Conclusion • Reference page(s) listing any appropriate references cited; a minimum of four scholarly references.

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