Integration and Evolution of Broadcast Media in Jamaica while introducing and correlating advertisement tactics and profits

1. Introduction a. Brief general information about Jamaica b. Thesis: Integration and Evolution of Broadcast Media in Jamaica and its correlation to advertising Profits 2. Body a. History Of Jamaica Media i. Printing (Historical background of each highlight government owned anything) 1. Newspaper a. News Publication b. News Agencies 2. Magazine 3. Books ii. Radio (Historical info highlight government owned anything) 1. Stations 2. News on the Radio iii. TV (Historical highlight government owned anything) 1. Broadcast Media 2. Cable 3. Satellite 4. Original, Top shows and Stations 5. American shows shown in Jamaica 6. Syndications 7. Monetization 8. Viewership 9. Ratings 10. Piracy iv. Movies (any significant info) 1. Adaptations 2. Typical Earning in the 3. Piracy v. Internet (any significant info) 1. Computers Access 2. Internet 3. Piracy b. Traditional vs. New Media i. Anything c. Advertising (Most Important*) i. As it relates to the aforementioned five Media ii. This is a significant aspect for the paper iii. Sponsors iv. Advertisers v. Commercial types vi. Compare info of Jamaica to US advertisement institution(ALSO IMPORTANT)* d. Challenges in the Media e. Media and the effect on the Jamaican society f. Press Laws g. State-Press Relations 3. Conclusion a. ANTHING to summarize 4. Resources a. b. RJR c. CVJ d. e. Jamaica Gleaner

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