Respondent presentation and Write-up

Task Description:
One of the primary goals of this course is to examine the relationship between research on writing and writing instruction. This assessment focuses on this relationship. Every week a small group of students (five or six) will serve as respondents to the lecturer’s presentation on an aspect of a chapter by Hyland. The respondents will be expected to be highly familiar with the reading for the week.
They will perform the following functions:
1. Along with the rest of the class, they will be expected to ask questions and raise issues during the presentation.
2. At the end of the lecturer’s presentation one of the respondents will provide a three-minute summary.
3. As a group, the respondents will provide a short evaluation of if and how Hyland’s stated chapter aims are achieved by giving a short presentation. Examples from the chapter will be given to support the evaluation.
4. The respondents will select and discuss key concepts and quotations, and evaluate any implications for researching and/or teaching writing, ordering these implications in order of importance and discussing with the class the reasons for the order.

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