Student social worker and service user

Reflection upon live interaction between student social worker and service user. Group and Individual interviews.

Specifics of what the client needs to reflect on: 
Two practice interviews – one as a group work and individual. The client has attached the reflection for both.

Please write this reflection in 1st person. 

Reflective cycle: Gibbs


• Offer a brief introduction to the context of the interaction.

Section One

• Identify your personal values and how they might differ from social work values.

• What values and/or judgements did you bring to the interaction? Consider how these may have impacted on the interaction. 

Section Two
Communication Skills

• Which communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) did you use to introduce and establish rapport with the service user and why? 

• How was empathy demonstrated within the interaction?

Section Three

• How did you demonstrate professional behaviour and boundaries within the interaction?

• What insights did you gain about the service user’s experience and perspectives?

• How did you set the boundaries of the interaction i.e. confidentiality, purpose, role etc.? 


• What learning will you take forward from this interaction into your future practice? 

• Identify 3 priority areas for developing your communication skills and how you will achieve these?

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